2019 - 2020 Proposed Slate of Officers

Knights of Columbus


North American Martyrs Council 4338






July 1, 2019




Chaplain:                                          Rev. James F. Wallace

                                                            Pastor, Saint Juliana Parish

Grand Knight:                                  Mel Koenigs

Deputy Grand Knight:                   Matt Petrash

Chancellor:                                       Gabriel Gonzalez

Recording Secretary:                    Open

Treasurer:                                        Peter Bryniarski

Advocate:                                         Alexander Barton

Warden:                                           Sam Furlan

Inside Guard:                                   Glenn Babich

Outside Guard:                               Biji Philip

Trustee – 3 year:                            Jim Lange

Trustee – 2 year:                            Chet Moylan

Trustee – 1 year:                            Open

Financial Secretary:                       Steve Baggio (1st year of 3 year term)

                                                            (Recommended by GK, Approved by Supreme)

Council Chefs:                                 Ed Jablonski (Appointed by GK)

                                                         Chuck McKiel (Appointed by GK)

Council Meetings

Meetings on the First Wednesday of each month at the Rev. Thomas P. May Center at 8305 N. Harlem.


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